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Marina Bogomolova aka Kira Noire wird uns am 14.10. im Studio besuchen und 3 Workshops unterrichten.

Kira is a Russian pole artist from Saint Petersburg.
She started pole dancing in 2008 at Trash Pole Dance Studio. She doesn't has any gymnastic or profes- sional dance background, but she has a huge passion to pole.

After 2 years of practicing she started to teach in Trash PDS and compete in Russia, then in Europe and now in the world. In 2014 she became a part of RAD Polewear team as a brand ambassador. In 2015 she became work in double with Evgeny Greshilov.

Her brightest awards are:

  • Winner of Pole Classic 2016 by Pole Expo, Las Vegas
  • 2nd place at «Exotic Generation» championship 2016, Moscow
  • Ultimate Champion International Pole Championship IPC 2015 double category, Hong Kong
  • Winner of Pole Art Cyprus 2014
  • Finalist of International Pole Championship IPC 2013, Singapore
  • Winner and Miss Attitude of Battle of the Pole 2013, Stockholm

Now Kira is traveling a lot as a competitor, judge and teacher, but is always happy to come home to her beloved team Trash and students.

Description of the workshops:

Crazy Russian Pole (inter/adv.) 90 min

This class is focused on the original and extremal transitions, flips and flights on the pole. We will learn the signature drops and tricks combos. Specific details of the execution of the dynamic elements, and the way how you can improve the technique, such as speed, wideness.

Static pole transitions (inter/adv.) 90 min

In this class we are going to learn the variations of tricks and transitions on pole. And how to create your own and unique combos. We will learn how to spin on static pole during the transitions, how to do it wide, soft and fluid, or in opposite - sharp, quick and accented. Just play and dance in vertical space.

Russian exotic pole (90 min)

On this workshop we will dance my signature choreography on heels. This is a mixture of fluidity, hand work, floor work,musical and emotional expression. And the most important is a searching a women inside of ourselves.

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